Programme of Meetings
2000 - 2001



Sept 4 (Mon)

OPENING of the Leamington Spa Photographic Society's ANNUAL EXHIBITION at the Spa Centre by Councillor Bill Evans, Mayor of Royal Leamington Spa, at 7.45pm. (Exhibition held until Oct 2).


Oct 3

"A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY". A "hands-on" lecture by Peter Preece showing us what to do and what not to do when photographing birds with the simple use of a hide. A wonderfull start to the season!


Oct 10

"ANTARCTICA - THE GREAT WHITE CONTINENT". A slide lecture by *Nigel Atkinson LRPS on this very special place,showing us the wildlife and how it survives. It also touches its history both from a natural point of view and a human one.


Oct 17  

AUCTION with Rex Darby as our long-standing Auctioneer. We have lots of photographic goodies to be auctioned so bring your chequebook! Hand in entries for next week.  


Oct 24  

FIRST CLUBMAN COMPETITION - any subject. Judge: Ian Andrews ARPS.  


Oct 31  

An evening by two of our own members. Before the break: "THE CANADIAN ROCKIES RE-VISITED" by Mike Jackson, a wonderful collection of slides taken during two separate visits, travelling from Vancouver to Calgory. After the break a slide lecture by George Robson, taking us on the interesting journey from "COLORADO SPRINGS TO LAS VEGAS" including Monument Valley, Mesa Verde and other national monuments.  


Nov 7  

"DRAINPIPE PHOTOGRAPHY" a hands-on and fascinating print and slide lecture by Ken Johnson LRPS, using plastic tubes and drainpipes to extend the degree of magnification (instead of extension tubes and bellows) resulting in some very interesting macro images.  


Nov 14  

"RUSSIA, COUNTRY OF CONTRASTS" - a slide lecture by our own members Harold and Hasje Mousley LRPS taking us by boat from Moscow to St. Petersburg showing the astonishing differences in architecture and landscape. Hand in entries for next week.  


Nov 21  

SECOND CLUBMAN COMPETITION - any subject. Judge: *Tony Middleton  


Nov 28  

"AV VARIATIONS". A light-hearted AV evening on a variety of subjects by *Harry Hunt ARPS. Hand in entries for Battle.  


Dec 5  

"HIMALAYAN TREK" by *Brian Jeffs FRPS, DPAGB showing the incredible trek to the 18 thousand feet high Everest base camp, including the fascinating journey to remote areas of the Himalayas. Hand in entries for next week.  


Dec 6 (Wed)  

3-WAY BATTLE with GEC Coventry P.S. and Badby & District P.S. at Badby premises (7 slides and 7 prints from each Club).  


Dec 12  

THIRD CLUBMAN COMPETITION - any subject. Judge: *Keith Leatham.  


Dec 19 & 26  

No Meetings - Christmas.  





Jan 2  

"EXPLORING THE SEA SHORE" by Margaret Hodge FRPS. A one-hour recorded lecture by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.  


Jan 9  

"DIGITAL PRINTS". An exciting new lecture by *Bob Moore, Hon. FRPS, AFIAP, APAGB illustrated with a selection of his latest digital prints. The lecture is by courtesy of Jessops. Hand in entries for next week and 23rd January.  


Jan 16  

BATTLE with Stratford Photographic Society at Stratford premises (10 prints and 10 slides from each Club).  


Jan 23  

FOURTH CLUBMAN COMPETITION - any subject. Judge: *Roger Pinn ARPS.  


Jan 26 (Fri)  

PUBLIC LECTURE at the Spa Centre - "LEGLESS BUT SMILING" by Norman Croucher O.B.E. - a double leg amputee - taking us on his incredible climbing expeditions to i.e. the 8000m high summits in Nepal, Tanzania, Ecuador, Peru and other mountain ranges experiencing illness, rockfalls, frostbite, river crossings (causing mechanical failure on both artificial legs), avalanches, dehydration and utter exhaustion! Not to mention leeches, mosquitoes, snakes, scorpions and bears! An amazing evening not to be missed!  


Jan 30  

MCPF TRAVELLING PORTFOLIO. Showing a selection of the best work by Midlands photographers.  


Feb 6  

"SPECIAL EFFECTS AND CREATIVE" - An amazing prints and slides lecture on how to achieve creative effects in photography by *Ivor Mitchell AAPS, LRPS, AFIAP, PSA4*, BPE2*. Hand in entries for next week.  


Feb 13  

BATTLE with Sphinx P.S. at Leamington premises. Judge: *Peter Upton FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB, APAGB (12 prints and 12 slides from each Club).  


Feb 20  

"WHAT IS A RIVER".Another brilliant evening with Brian Draper M.B.E., giving us the complete history of rivers - the negative (flooding etc) and the positive (photography etc) and the way we use and abuse them.  


Feb 27  

"DEVELOPMENTS IN CAMERAS AND PHOTOGRAPHY". A hands-on evening by our own member Peter Furze. A potted history of cameras and photography from the early pioneers such as Niepce, Fox Talbot and Daguerre to the present day, with examples of some early photographs and later cameras.  


Mar 6  

COMPETITION WITH A THEME with "Twixt Severn and Avon" as the theme. Up to 3 entries, prints, slides or mixed. Judge: *John Lacey ARPS, CPAGB, BPE2*. Congratulations to last year’s winners: Gold: Brian Normington, Silver: Gayle Kirton, Bronze: John Berry. Take work on the night.  


Mar 13  

"WHALES, BEARS AND GLACIERS". A wonderful slide lecture by our own member Jean Evans LRPS showing us the exceptional wonders of South East Alaska.  


Mar 20  

"PANORAMA TO THE PACIFIC". An amazing travelogue by 12 members of the Sileby Photographic Society who travelled in two mobile homes from Toronto to Vancouver showing a broad selection of towns and National Parks.  


Mar 27  

"VIEW FROM A WALL". Stunning wildlife and landscapes in prints and slides by *Terry Wall EFIAP, PSA4* including African wildlife and views from the North American National Parks. Prints are also for sale.  


Apr 3  

TO BE ARRANGED. Hand in entries for Annual Exhibition.  


Apr 10  

DOUG HEPBURN MEMORIAL TROPHY - either two prints or two slides of NEW work. Judge: *Bob Underhill ARPS, DPAGB. Take work on the night.  


Apr 17  

No meeting - Easter  


Apr 24  

"WHAT IS IT?" Another chance to let fellow-members guess “what it is” with a lot of shouting and out-loud-guessing (and taking the Michael!) from the audience. Our Chairman Harold Mousley is Arbitrator. Take work on the night.  


May 1  

Commentary on the selected prints and slides entered into our ANNUAL EXHIBITION. Judge: Ian Andrews ARPS.  


May 8  

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - all members please support this "event"!


* MCPF listed lecturer/judge.