Tom Hull (1909-1992)

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Tom Hull receiving a farewell present from the Society in 1976

Tom Hull, a founder member of the Lockheed Camera Club which was formed in 1945, was elected as Secretary to the newly created Lockheed and Leamington Photographic Society when the Lockheed Camera Club and the Leamington and District Photographic Society were amalgamated in 1947. Tom continued in the post of Secretary until 1953 when he was elected to be the Society Chairman. He then had a continuous run of 21 years as Chairman of the Society until relinquishing the post in 1974 when he reached retirement age and ceased working for Automotive Products (formerly Lockheed). He continued in an active role as the society's Treasurer for a couple more years until he left the district to live by the coast. As a mark of their respect and thanks for his long and dedicated service, the then current chairman Philip Antrobus FRPS presented him with a farewell present from the society. Tom was also made a life member of the society.

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