Lockheed and Leamington Photographic Society

The following extract is from a local newspaper published on Monday, April 21, 1947:

The Lockheed and Leamington Photographic Society is the new title now assumed by the Leamington and District Photographic Society and the Lockheed Camera Club, the amalgamation of which bodies was made official at an extraordinary meeting of the Leamington Society, when the winding up of the affairs of the organisation was conducted.

The new title was approved at the first annual general meeting of the combined societies, which followed and at which officers were elected for the ensuing year.

The decision to amalgamate brought to a close an active life of some 26 years on the part of the old Leamington society, during which time it had played an important part in the cultural life of the town and district, having not only fostered in a practical manner the photographic art but also having afforded the public the pleasure of many fine exhibitions of pictures.

The Lockheed Camera Club was also a body which had made rapid strides of recent years and it was felt that the combination of the two forces was a timely move, calculated to still further promote the art and attain a yet higher standard locally.

The officers elected for the ensuing year are as follows:- Chairman: Mr. A.C.Burdon; Hon.Secretary: Mr. T.Hull; Hon.Treasurer: Mr. K.Willmott.

Committee: Messrs. A.W.Payne, I.Saint, S.V.Churches, C.W.Stephens, M.E.Parker, J.H.Brooks, C.G.Pearson, E.J.Lowe, and Mrs. K.M.Richards.

The first annual exhibition of the new society will take place next month at the meeting room which is at the Lockheed Works.

Society Chairmen from 1947 to 1988:

1947-1953 A.C. Burdon
1953-1973 Tom Hull

In 1973, when Lockheed became Automotive Products, the society was renamed the AP and Leamington Camera Club.

1973-1974 Tom Hull
1974-1980 Philip Antrobus FRPS

In 1980 the club renamed itself the AP and Leamington Photographic Society

1980-1982 Doug Hepburn
1982-1984 Ralph Patterson
1983-1986 Keith Taylor
1986-1988 George Robson

In 1988 after considerable changes in the make up of Automotive Products, the society broke its ties with the company and became the Leamington Spa Photographic Society

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