Book Group

These images are from the contents of a photobook produced by Stefan Shillington entitled VESUVIUS WITH FOOTBALL

The Book group aims to help and encourage members with the design and layout of Photobooks, Panels and AV’s. It meets regularly to share information, experience and enthusiasm, and to view end products.

The book group covers more than just books. It is concerned with the output of the imaging process, with the Design and Layout of Photobooks, Panels and AV’s. The purpose of the group is to enable members to learn from each other’s experience. Members have a wide range of photographic interests, so do not normally work together on projects. The type of books created range from Albums through to Art Books, from the bulky anthology to the slim volume. Panels include those intended to add to the individual images either by the aesthetic arrangement of the panel, or by using the combined images to tell a story. AV’s are as yet an embryo interest for the group, but it is considered that they are similar to books and panels in that their arrangement and presentation aims to result in something greater that the sum of their parts.

Since the group was formed book experience embraces Image Flow, Left page V’s Right page, Topping & Tailing, the importance of Text, the relevance of Fonts, Colour and B&W, Hardback V’s Softback, and many more things which have since become second nature.

The group meets quarterly to compare progress and to seek comment and encouragement. We get together over coffee notionally on the third Wednesday of that month.