Lottery Awards for All Grant

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Photograph, digitally mastered by Mike Calvert, shows the photographic society's then vice-chairman, Mike Abbott centre, juggling withthe possibilities of the digital age watched by Tony Peckleft and then chairman, Ralph Patterson right, who are holding a traditional print and negative.

Awards For All Grant heralds digital age

Leamington Spa Photographic Society’s successful application to the Lottery’s Awards For All Scheme in 2005 resulted in a grant of £4,800, enabling them to purchase digital equipment.

Mastermind behind the grant application was committee member Tony Peck. Once he had secured funding, sourcing the new digital equipment fell to technical guru and then vice-chairman Mike Abbott. Members are now celebrating the acquisition of a computer, digital projector and photographic software heralding a new era for the society.

Already members have demonstrated its potential with impressive audio visual presentations from CD and competition entries now being submitted digitally as well as via the familiar formats of prints.

"Apart from the obvious presentational advantages this equipment brings,” said Tony Peck, “it will also enable us to provide members with help and instruction in digital photography and the best associated software.”

As a result, Mike Abbott led the society’s first members’ digital training day on May 6th 2006.