Other Acceptances 2009

RPS Nature Group Annual Exhibition 2009
Digital Images:
John Berry ARPS BPE3* Sulphur Polypore (John Bebbington Award)
No Image
Grange P.S. - Annual Exhibition - 2009
Colour Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS Red Kite in Flight
The Secretary Bird
Warthog with Piglets
John Berry ARPS BPE3* Nan
Sulphur Polypore (Commended)
Nigel Briggs Leader in Lycra
Sylvia Fenwick Willows in Winter (Commended)
Gayle Kirton Church Flowers
Tea and Biscuits
Yvonne Shillington Hyacinths
Reading and Writing
Digital Images:
Paul Beard Off the Lip
Joy Herbert At Prayer (Commended)
Alistair Lawry Chesterton (Commended)
Andrew Lock High Note
Hurdy Gurdy
Trap the Spark
Glyn Thomas ARPS Cycling Across the Sand (Highly Commended)
From the Horse's Mouth
Fruit Bat in Flight
Horses Hooves
Rare Breed
No Image
3rd FIAP Club World Cup 2009
Mike Abbott Rustic Reflections
Helen Ashbourne ARPS Camel Thorn Trees, Dead Vlei
Andrew Bell Winter Glint
John Berry ARPS BPE3* Little Owl
Porcelain Fungus
Gayle Kirton Winter Morning on the Riverbank
Glyn Thomas ARPS St. Pancras Station
Warwick Cycle Races
No Image