Other Acceptances 2008

RPS Nature Group Annual Exhibition 2008
Digital Images:
John Berry ARPS BPE2* Common Spotted Orchid (Bronze Medal)
Mycena fagetorum
Pebble Prominent Moth
No Image
Coventry P.S. - Annual Exhibition of Photography - 2008
Nature Prints:
John Berry ARPS BPE2* Barn Owl on Ivy (Commended)
Finnish Goshawk
Peppered Moth on Moss
Round-leaved Sundew (Highly Commended)
No Image
Grange P.S. - Annual Exhibition - 2008
Monochrome Prints:
Gayle Kirton Holly
Colour Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS Camel Thorn Trees, Dead Vlei, Namibia
Damara dik-dik, Etosha (Commended)
Village Dance from 'The Hired Man'
John Berry ARPS BPE3* Common Spotted Orchid
Little Owl #2
Gayle Kirton Dalmations Playing
Digital Images:
Mike Calvert Steam at Toddington
Jane Goodman Kestrel #1
David Meredith Chesterton Mill
Jacky Meyers Majorelle Window
Glyn Thomas ARPS England Football Fans
St. Pancras Station (Highly Commended)
Tunisian Football Fans
Warwick Cycle Races (Premier Image)
No Image
Royal Photographic Society's 2008 International Projected Image Exhibition
Open Projected Images:
Glyn Thomas ARPS St. Pancras Station
No Image
The Independent/Duracell 'How Do You Recharge Your Batteries' Competition
Digital Images:
David Meredith Home
No Image
7th Special Themes Circuit 2008 (Austria):
Architecture Sights - Projected Images:
Glyn Thomas ARPS St. Pancras Station
Millennium Bridge
Sports, Dynamics Movement - Projected Images:
Glyn Thomas ARPS Rugby
No Image