Other Acceptances 2006

RPS Nature Group - Exhibition of Prints and Slides - 2006
Nature Digital Images:
John Berry ARPS BPE2* Barn Owl
Black-tailed Skimmer
Female Kestrel
Painted Lady
Red Admiral
No Image
Coventry P.S. - Annual Exhibition of Photography - 2006
Colour Prints:
John Berry ARPS BPE2* Black-tailed Skimmer
Slimy Beech Caps (Highly Commended)
Gayle Kirton Bluebells and Ferns
Clockwise (Premier Award)
Pears at Teatime
Tony Peck Bird of Paradise Plant
College Fiord, Alaska
Lake Peyto, Canadian Rockies
Portrait in Silver (Highly Commended)
Showtime #1
Digital Images:
Gayle Kirton A Pretty Picture
Castle Fireworks
Header (Highly Commended)
No Image
Grange P.S. - Annual Exhibition - 2006
Monochrome Prints:
Helen Ashbourne LRPS Detail of Hitchman Fountain
Colour Prints:
Helen Ashbourne LRPS Goat's Beard Seed Head
Orange Reflections
The Eyes Have It - Bengalese Eagle Owl
John Berry ARPS BPE2* Bengal Eagle Owl
Black-tailed Skimmer #2
Female Kestrel
Gayle Kirton Autumn Mosaic
Frosty Copse (Highly Commended)
Misty Landscape
Rural Panorama
Graham Lowe Amanita Muscaria in Bracken
Tony Peck College Fiord, Alaska
Portrait in Silver
The Great Dome, St Stephens Basilica
With Tender Loving Beer
No Image