Requirements for gaining FIAP Distinctions

FIAP awards two forms of Distinction; those for outstanding service to photography, and those for photographic merit. They are awarded for life and no discrimination is made between the candidates, amateur or professional photographers alike.

There are seven distinctions for photographic merit and no difference is made between prints and projected images; The following is a summary of the requirements for the entry-level AFIAP award.

The main criterion for the award of an AFIAP distinction involves the candidate achieving a specified level of success in International Salons under FIAP Patronage.

Your first acceptance must be received at least 12 months before you can be awarded your AFIAP certificate. In this period you are required to gain:

a) At least 40 Acceptances with at least 15 different photographs.

b) This success must have come from at least 15 different salons with FIAP Patronage, and those salons must be spread over at least 8 different countries.

c) At least 10% of the minimum number of the acceptances required (i.e. 4) must have been gained with PRINTS as opposed to PDI and to come from different salons.

You will be required to submit a CD Portfolio of 5 digital image files to FIAP. These must be of photographs that have each received at least 3 acceptances from FIAP Patronised Salons.

For further information in applying for FIAP distinctions go to the FIAP section on the PAGB website.