Requirements for gaining BPE Awards

The BPE exists to encourage photographers to enter exhibitions and to recognize successful entrants via the issue of the Crown Awards photographic distinctions.

For those starting from scratch the system is as follows.

1. You need to enter any of the BPE member exhibitions listed on the BPE official website. Details can be found in the Exhibitions section of this website where you can either download an entry form or find out where you can obtain one via the website of the club whose competition you wish to enter.

2. With every photo that you have accepted in an exhibition you accrue one point.

3. When in the first instance you have accrued 25 points you can apply to the BPE Awards Officers (Alison and Andy Fryer) for the One Crown Award.

The BPE currently consists of 21 members exhibitions. These are typically organised by either a single photographic club or by a number of clubs in the same geographical area.

Alba Photographic Exhibition
Basingstoke Camera Club Exhibition
Bebington Salon of Photography
Beyond Group Open Exhibition
Clay Cross National Projected Image Exhibitin
Cotswold Salon (Monochrome)
Dingwall National Projected Image Exhibition
Frome Wessex Salon of Photography
Great Barr Open Exhibition
Great Barr PS Panels Exhibition
Guernsey Salon of Photography
Neath & Dist. P.S. Salon
Robin Hood Open Digital Exhibition
Rushden Open Photographic Exhibition
Shrewsbury Open Photography Exhibition
Solihull Open Exhibition of British Photography
South Birmingham Open Digital Exhibition
Southport National Exhibition of Photography
SRGB-Print Celebration
Vale of Evesham National Photographic Exhibition
Yardley Photographic Society Exhibition