Welcome to our Exhibiton. There are ten classes and the winning image in each class is shown here. Click an image to see all the other entries in that class, and then click any image to see an enlarged display.

Winning image, Light On THe Red Bike by Eduardo Moran Ruiz

Class A, Club-level Members, Projected Images

Winning image, Chai Vendor, Old Delhi by Adrian Newell

Class C, Portrait Prints

Winning image, Dance by Helen Ashbourne

Class E, Colour Prints

Winning image, One Way by Bobbie Bolam

Class G, Monochrome Prints

Winning image, European Paper Wasps At Work by Yvonne Ferrier

Class I, Natural History, Projected Images

Winning image, Owl by Adrian Newell

Class B, Club-level Members, Printed Images

Winning image, Clun Castle Early Morning Train At Leamington by Andrew Bell

Class D, Local scenes

<Winning image, Seven Up by Paul King

Class F, Mono or Colour Projected Images

Winning image, Barn Owl Hunting In Late Evening Light by Roger Lickfold

Class H, Natural History, Prints

Winning image, Snaefelsnes, Iceland by Richard Earp

Class J, Landscape Prints