Annual Exhibition 2018

Judged by Roger Parry, ARPS, MPAGB, HonPAGB, EFIAP, ESFIAP

Class A - Club Level Digital Image of the Year (Award: TOM HULL CUP)
1st The Geary Building by Jim Crabtree
2nd Sun, Sea and Sail by Jonathan Hattersley
3rd Harvest Flowers St Michaels by David Morgan
HC Fruit by Robert Watts
C Rydal Water reflection by Robert Watts

Class B - Club Level Print of the Year (Award: ARCHIE PAYNE MEMORIAL CUP)
1st A Seat With a View by Liz Williams
2nd Alpine Peaks by Richard Earp
3rd Spring Showers In Kyoto by Mark Slater
HC At the End of a Winter’s Day by Roger Lickfold
C Autumn Colours by Liz Williams
C Rydal Water Island by Robert Watts
C Late afternoon sunshine at Kimmeridge by Roger Lickfold

Class C - Portrait Print of the Year (Award: GUNDRY CUP)
1st The Pugilist by Tim Evans LRPS
2nd Engstrand by Richard Smith
3rd Last of the Summer Wine? by Helen Ashbourne ARPS
HC Street Wise by Peter Chappell
HC Waiting for Dad by Mike Parmee ARPS
C One of many: how did we come to this? by Roger Lickfold
C Steam Punk Man by Yvonne Shillington
C Man from Sheki by Dorrette McAuslan

Class D - Local Scene of the Year (Award: LEAMINGTON MORNING NEWS TROPHY)
1st Cold Call in Jephson Gardens by Richard Smith
2nd Snow and Floods - Long Itchington by Helen Ashbourne ARPS
3rd Castle Display by Richard Earp
HC Warwick Snowday by Richard Dunn
C Leamington in Snow by John Tickner LRPS

Class E - Colour Print of the Year (Award: JOHN NEVILLE CUP)
1st The Usual Suspects by Tim Evans LRPS
2nd Going Fishing by Mike Parmee ARPS
3rd Heroes Return by Andy Newman
HC The Cup That Cheers by Yvonne Shillington
HC Fermoyle Rock by David Eaves ARPS
C Here Comes Trouble by Andy Newman
C Light on the Quiraing by David Eaves ARPS
C Moonlit Return by Philip Antrobus FRPS

Class F - Digital Image of the Year (Award: "COLOUR" CUP)
1st Last Light by Tony Horrocks
2nd We Can Always Dream Dad by Mike Parmee ARPS CPAGB
3rd Fiery Sunset by Andrew Bell
HC Texting in the shade by Tony Aiello
HC Toronto by Mike Calvert
C NYC Skyline by Jim Crabtree
C Harbour Lights by Yvonne Ferrier
C Justin Hawkins The Darkness by Kevin Morton
C Sunrise on Steam by Andrew Bell

Class G - Monochrome Print of the Year (Award: PRINT OF THE YEAR CUP)
1st I Want my Money by Mike Parmee ARPS CPAGB
2nd Father & Daughter by Tim Evans LRPS
3rd Abandoned Cottage, Lewis by Keith Roberts LRPS
HC At the Exhibition by John Tickner LRPS
HC The Editor's Nightmare by Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB
C Making Tacos by Joy Herbert
C Racing Away by David Eaves ARPS
C Hackpen Hill by Tim Evans LRPS

Class H - Natural History Print of the Year (Award: NATURAL HISTORY PRINT TROPHY)
1st Yellowgonga Red Kangaroo & Joey by Andy Newman
2nd Yellow Billed Hornbill by David Eaves ARPS
3rd Common Carder Bee by Kevin Morton
HC Pelican by Andy Bridgestock
C Portrait of a Serval Cat - Masai Mara by Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB
C Elephant Seals by Keith Roberts LRPS

Class I - Natural History Digital Image of the Year (Award: NATURAL HISTORY DIGITAL TROPHY)
1st Short eared owl hunting by Richard Dunn
2nd Crowned Orb Weaver by Yvonne Ferrier
3rd Marauding by Richard Dunn
HC Avocet by Mike Calvert

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