MCPF Acceptances 2016

Midphot 2016 - Annual Exhibition of the MCPF
Monochrome Prints:
David Eaves ARPS DPAGB Stacked Chairs
Colour Prints:
David Eaves ARPS DPAGB Geyser Fall Out
Interior Kolmans Kop
The Washing Line
Gayle Kirton Favourite Sweets
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Interflora
The Man with No Name
Naval Forces
Sand Forest
The Beauty Salon (MCPF Ribbon)
Nature Prints:
David Eaves ARPS DPAGB Pasque Flowers (PAGB Silver Medal)
Moss Spores Tortula Muralis
Green Winged Orchid Light & Dark Form
Heath Spotted Orchids (MCPF Ribbon)
Projected General Images:
Tony Aiello Playing on the Pebbles
The One That Got Away
Pamela Digby Cookery Demonstration
Hurrying Home
Andy Newman Fag Break
Full Throttle
Nippy Nitro Neville
Going for the Gap