MCPF Acceptances 2015

Midphot 2015 - Annual Exhibition of the MCPF
Monochrome Prints:
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Going Home
Colour Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB War Games
Gayle Kirton From Another Place
Hellebore and Ivy
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP His'n'hers
Home Alone
Yvonne Shillington Ellen
Nature Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB Violet Sabre-wing Hummingbird
Projected General Images:
Tony Aiello Determined
Jean Evans ARPS Paddling
Seascape, Brighton
Andy Newman Destiny in the Orb
Richard Smith Downpour (MCPF Ribbon)