MCPF Acceptances 2012

Midphot 2012 - Annual Exhibition of the MCPF
Monochrome Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB Racing in the Shallows (Highly Commended)
Camargue Stallions Play-fighting
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Horse Fair
From Here to Infinity
Man with Tatty Pony
Eight Little Pigs
Colour Prints:
Gayle Kirton Poppy Heads
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Women's Work
Donkey Ride
The Landing Stage
Cleaning the Oven
Baking the Bread
Yvonne Shillington Surviving the Force
Nature Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB Eurasian Brown Bear with Cubs (Highly Commended)
Reflections of Eurasian Brown Bears
John Berry ARPS AFIAP BPE3* Common Carpet Moth
Projected General Images:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB Playing with Fire
Wayside Barber
Paul Beard Food Stall 31, Marrakech
Ring O' Roses
Joy Herbert Mekong Fisherman
Andrew Lock Blues King
Kevin Morton Lotus
Andy Newman Mum
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Last Tango in Paris
Neighbourhood Watch
Street Artist (Highly Commended)
Walk On By
Richard Smith Red Hot (Highly Commended)
Glyn Thomas ARPS AFIAP AWPF Mount Etna Erupts (Highly Commended)
Projected Nature Images:
Dana Loizou Bumble bee with pollen
Difficult times
Male Sardinian Warbler
William Phillips Whitethroat
Andy Newman Pochard Panic
No Image
MCPF Photofolio 2012 Annual Exhibition
Colour Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB Eurasian Brown Bear
Eurasian Brown Bear with Cubs (Medal)
Michael Loizou ARPS Grey Heron Fishing
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP At Home (Medal)
Monochrome Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB Camargue Stallions Play Fighting (Portfolio)
Mike Calvert Dunstanburgh Castle
Andrew Lock Mr Mud
Kevin Morton Tough Girl
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Sultanas
Projected Digital Images:
Tony Horrocks Red Eye
William Phillips Grass Snake
Lilac Breasted Roller
Peter Roberts ARPS Bakers Boy (Portfolio)
Soap Star
No Image