MCPF Acceptances 2011

Midphot 2011 - Annual Exhibition of the MCPF
Monochrome Prints:
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP The Flock
Travelling Man
Woman with Rabbit
Colour Prints:
Gayle Kirton Peace
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Bus Stop
Chow Challenge
Come in No. 6
The House on the Corner
Nature Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB Barasingha (Swamp Deer)
Langur Monkey with baby
Print Panels:
Gayle Kirton An Audience (Highly Commended)
Projected General Images:
Adam Bailey Stillness in the Sea
St Paul's
Paul Beard In Pursuit
Joy Herbert Grim Determination
Alistair Lawry Have you got a light
High Tide
Yester Year
Andrew Lock Smoking Blues
Voodoo Princess
Wipeout (Leo Rich Medal)
Andy Newman A Chilly Chesterton
Sea View
Richard Smith Champagne Pool
Pear Apart
Under the Kitchen Sink
Projected Nature Images:
Michael Loizou Arenaria Interpres
No Image
MCPF Photofolio 2011 Annual Exhibition
Monochrome Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB Lost Generation
Graham Lowe Wyndham
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Brother and Sister
Colour Prints:
Andrew Bell. Out of the Mist
Gayle Kirton Lilies in a Jug (Portfolio)
Tea for One
Andy Newman Sea View
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Donkey Ride
Richard Smith Portrait in Smoke
Glyn Thomas ARPS AFIAP AWPF Fishing at Dawn
Projected Digital Images:
Mike Abbott Fallow Deer Running
Adam Bailey St Paul's
Stillness in the Sea (Selectors Medal)
Paul Beard In Pursuit
Mike Calvert Snowy Kenilworth Castle
Joy Herbert Mekong Fisherman
Alistair Lawry High Tide
Andrew Lock Smoking Blues (Highly Commended)
Wipeout (Highly Commended)
Andy Newman Lake Namura Ballet
William Philips Great Crested Grebe
Richard Smith Pear Apart
Andrew West St Davids Cathedral
No Image