MCPF Acceptances 2010

Midphot 2010 - Annual Exhibition of the MCPF
Colour Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS Found in a Gentlemans Cupboard
Last Rusting Place
Andrew Lock The Moon King
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Abandoned
Candy Floss Corner
Neighbours (Highly Commended)
Room for Improvement (Commended)
Sad Eyes
The Shoe Mender (Commended)
Vintage Singer
Monochrome Prints:
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIA Brother and Sister (Commended)
Counter Intelligence
Disused Fishing Hut (Commended)
Dog Tired (Highly Commended)
Plymouth (Commended)
The Rubber House (Highly Commended)
Projected General Images:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS Trapped
Paul Beard Off the Lip
Onwards and Upwards
Joy Herbert Leader of the Pack
Kevin Morton Chesterton Windmill in Snow
Galloping to the First
Pushing Through the Pain
Snowy Tree
Andy Newman A bit more than a Scratch
And She Walked Away
Off the Racing Line
Richard Smith The Stall Worker
Glyn Thomas ARP Reaching for the Trophy
No Image
MCPF Photofolio 2010 Annual Exhibition
Monochrome Prints:
Kevin Morton Snowy Tree
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Dog Tired
The Mary Jane
Colour Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS DPAGB Detail of Royal Bengal Tiger
Found in a Gentlemans Cupboard
Last Rusting Place
Jane Goodman Study of Abigail
Gayle Kirton Church Flowers
Kevin Morton Honey Bee on a Sunflower
Andy Newman A Chilly Chesterton Sunset (Portfolio)
And She Walked Away
Hilary Roberts FRPS MFIAP Neighbours
Room for Improvement
The Shoe Mender (Award & Portfolio)
Digital Images:
Adam Bailey Bleak Holiday (Portfolio)
Pamela Digby Look after My World
The Cookery Demonstration
Sylvia Fenwick River Avon
Joy Herber Leader of the Pack
Alistair Lawry High Tide
Keith Owens Starlings About to Roost
Glyn Thomas ARPS AFIAP Fighting Puffins
Football in the Rain (Portfolio)
Reaching for the Trophy
David Whale Cold Morning
No Image