MCPF Acceptances 2009

Midphot 2009 - Annual Exhibition of the MCPF
Nature Prints:
Mike Abbott Common Spotted Orchid
Helen Ashbourne ARPS The Secretarybird
Warthog with Piglets (John Bebbington Medal)
Projected General Images:
Mike Abbott Lunar Eclipse (Commended)
Rustic Reflection
John Berry ARPS BPE3* Nick
Andrew Lock Enlightened
High Note
Hurdy Gurdy
David Meredith Chesterton Mill
Home (Highly Commended)
Lime Street
Kevin Morton Out of the Saddle
Rich Parker 3 60
Glyn Thomas ARPS Indoor Athletics
Projected Nature Images:
John Berry ARPS BPE3* Mycena fagetorum
Pale Prominent Moth
Sulphur Polypore (John Bebbington Medal)
No Image
MCPF Photofolio 2009 Annual Exhibition
Monochrome Prints:
Helen Ashbourne ARPS Torture from The Pillowman
Paul Cole Out to Sea
Colour Prints:
John Berry ARPS BPE3* Nick
Paul Cole Morvich
Sylvia Fenwick Dusk
Gayle Kirton Bright and Breezy
Tea and Biscuits (Highly Commended - Selected for Travelling Portfolio)
Kevin Morto Out of the Saddle
Yvonne Shillington Reading and Writing
Digital Images:
Mike Abbot Still Life in Yellow
Adam Bailey City Hall
Paul Beard Off the Lip
Still Waiting for the Train
John Berry ARPS BPE3* Stairwell
Mike Calvert Bantham
Paul Cole Fragile Mooring
Pamela Digby King Penguin Families, South Georgia
High Note
Alistair Lowry Chesterton
David Meredith Black Prince
Spoon Fork Pencils (Selected for Travelling Portfolio)
Kevin Morton Rich Parker 360
Barbara O'Brien Galactic Grater
Glyn Thomas ARPS Alpine Mood
Cycling Across the Sand
No Image